ASDA Live Get Your Cook On!!, Bring the TANG!🤘

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Get your cook on!!!!!!!
I’ll be taking over @Asda’s IG live this Saturday afternoon at 1pm for a live cook-a-long. I’ll be doing a super delicious and simple version of my Alabama White sauce with grilled chicken. I’ll be sharing hints, tips, and techniques on outdoor and indoor cooking. #getyourcookon

To get involved go to ASDA's Instagram on your mobile or tablet follow then click on the stories icon with LIVE under there logo and thats you in! 

Alabama_White_Sauce_and Chicken

(NOTE: This could be updated before the live show, please keep an eye on social or this post )

To take part in the cook along Live you’ll need:


500 Grams of Chicken broken down into 8 pieces

(thighs, drumsticks, wings, and breasts)

Alabama white sauce:

250ml mayo

125ml cider vinegar (You can add less for a thicker sauce and more for a more looser sauce)  I usually do two versions.  One thin sauce for dipping during the cookout and a thicker sauce for the table when dining.

half a lemon juiced

a thumbnail of freshly grated horseradish

2 tbsp cracked black pepper, Don’t be afraid to add even more.  This recipe loves pepper.

1tsp paprika or chilli flakes(if you want to spice it up)

1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

1 Tbsp salt

See you at 1pm Saturday 9/5/2020🤘


For more info check out our social feeds too @djbbq


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