Cook along live with Brew Dog, TASTE BUDS AT THE READY 🍔

Posted by DJ BBQ on

Join me and Brew Dog for the first #BrewDogCookalong this Wednesday 7/4/2020 at 7pm, live on Instagram.

I'll be making an incredible Lock Down burger, ideal for crushing your hunger while staying at home.
To take part in the cook along you’ll need:
- Mince (the fattier the better)
- Cheese
- Burger bun (if you don’t have any, try using a bagel, bread, crusts of the loaf, croissant - whatever you can get your hands on!)
- American yellow mustard
- Onion
- Pickle
- Salt
- Pepper
- Plus your favourite BrewDog beer to make the ultimate Punked Up Onions 🤘

See you at 7pm Wednesday!

Extracted from The Burger Book by DJ BBQ Photography © David Loftus


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