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Hot dogs are the best inventions ever! Apart from Iron Maiden, Kings of Leon, and Aretha Franklin(RIP you lovely woman). All ages love em.  If you are a parent, dang, this is the go to recipe.  If you are slightly inebriated or stoned, this is perfect.  If you need to feed people quickly, then this is the answer to all your troubles.  This recipe should take all of 5 minutes to knock out. 

Makes 2 Burgers


Indoors- Frying pan

Outdoors- Plancha or frying pan


2 burger buns- your choice

4 jumbo hot dogs

quarter head of iceberg lettuce finely chopped

crispy onions

pickled jalapeños


American Yellow Mustard


Slice the hotdogs length ways making sure you don’t cut completely through the skin.  Leave a little skin so the two halves don’t separate.  Cut the dogs down the middle(the shortest length of the dog).

Everything happens quick here and you are hungry so be ready.

Grill your dogs over a medium heat until you have a nice char then flip for the same colour on the opposite side.  Remove the dogs and place on a paper towel.  Toast your buns and prepare yourself for the quick build.

Slather mayo on the bottom bun.

Place a handful of lettuce onto the bun for optimum crunch then stack the two halves of hotdogs onto the lettuce.  Sprinkle a load of crispy onions on top and slay out some pickled jalapeños.  Squirt a load of ketchup and mustard onto the bottom part of the top bun then complete your burger. 

Quick, easy, and super tasty.  Much better than a ballpark hot dog!

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