DJ BBQ Bohemian Rubsody Barbecue rub, All Purpose Seasoning Blend

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Bohemian Rubsody - All-Purpose Seasoning

Brian May just said put me, him, Freddie, John, and Rodger in a jar and seal it with a face melter!

This is what happened, an all-purpose barbecue rub, smoky, sweet, that you’re going to want to add to any kind of meat, fish, veg, and poultry. 

  • This combination of Mesquite, honey granules and brown sugar makes a glaze so good you might cry. We’d like to say “we didn’t mean to”... but, we did.
  • All-purpose rub on fish, poultry, pork, lamb, game or beef and a veggie or two.
  • Great for adding as a seasoning to a burger mix

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